1993 Levant, Anders, McKinsley v. Gauntlet


Mr. Levant appears to be perversely proud of the multiple defamation suits that he has been the subject of over the years. I suppose these defamation suits in which Mr. Levant is a respondent serve to burnish his reputation as a free speech crusader willing to do what is necessary to preserve freedom of expression for his fellow Canadians; it is a reputation that his supporters believe without question.

But how deserved is this reputation?

Recently Mr. Levant has come under fire due to “The Rebel’s” recent campaign to raise money for citizens of Fort McMurray displaced by forest fires.  The following section though is what I find to be especially interesting.

Stung by such criticism, Levant has started doing a little reaching out of his own:

@AndrewBerkshire (Andrew Berkshire): Ezra Levant is DMing me to intimidate me after I posted that how gross it is that he’s telling people to donate to him instead of the Red Cross.

And at least on of Ezra’s Twitter tormentors, BC-based malcontent Adam Stirling, got served with a cease and desist letter from Levant’s legalist and took down some of his spicier suggestions the constabulatory may have taken interest in Rebel’s Fort Mac scheme

40Mr. Levant has also sued a Mr. Merle Terlesky in 2007.

In the fall of 2007 — two years before Mr. Levant’s allegedly libellous blogging about Mr. Awan, and a week after the closure of his Western Standard print magazine — Fast Forward Weekly newspaper in Calgary published a letter by conservative activist Merle Terlesky that Mr. Levant claimed libelled him.

In response to Mr. Terlesky ‘s claims,

Mr. Levant claimed this letter implied he is a “dishonest” “bigot,” a “bad manager” who was “disrespectful of his staff” and “destroyed his company through unacceptable human resources practices” and that he “mismanaged corporate assets, by embarking on travels that were inappropriate or illegitimate.”

It is my view that Mr. Levant’s free speech crusader credentials might simply be window dressing.

This brings me to the first document dump and the first indication that I have been able to find of a defamation suit involving Mr. Levant. In this case though it is Mr. Levant, as well as former MP Rob Anders and Sean McKinsley (ex-husband of former Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith) who were doing to suing.

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